Is Janet Jackson pregnant with her first child, or baby number two?!

It wasn’t that long ago Janet Jackson postponed her Unbreakable World Tour so she and her husband, Wissan Al Mana, could focus on starting a family. Recently the pop icon (49) announced to her fans that she’s expecting her first child with Mana (41), but her ex-husband James DeBarge, is refuting that claim.


According to reports, DeBarge claims that Jackson already gave birth to a daughter decades ago that she gave up for adoption when she was only 16. A woman claiming to be their daughter contacted DeBarge through email with information that only he and the Janet could know.

“She described as much as she could tell me because she was very fearful at the time… She was very angry about people running with this story about this [other child] being my baby. She got very angry. She’s like, ‘Papa I want to help you out.’ She had so much of personality and she was so accurate with everything she was saying, it was only things that I and Janet know. No one else but god, me and Janet.”

If this story is true, then it backs up a very old rumor that Janet Jackson DID have a daughter that she gave to her brother Jackie and his wife Enid (who adopted a baby girl in 1982, named Brandi). 

The IG below is supposedly Brandi Jackson. 


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