I’m officially done…Lamar Odom is a crack head now?!

I don’t know how true this story is.

TMZ isn’t the best place to go if you need a reliable news source, but this is what’s been popping up lately on my news radar from them, along with a lot of other sites.

According to media reports, NBA player Lamar Odom (husband to reality star Khloe Kardashian), has been out of contact with family and friends since last week when Khloe kicked him out of their house after trying to stage an intervention with the basketball player for his crack cocaine drug abuse.

Yeah, shocked the hell out of my ass too…

No one has been able to contact Odom or locate him for a few days now since he’s been kicked out, and fear that he may be on a drug binge somewhere.

Naturally, I don’t keep up with the personal lives of celebrities unless it somehow effects their careers.

The many make-ups and break ups, drug addictions, fuck ups …I couldn’t care less. My attention tends to lean towards things such as horrible performances, showing up hours late for events, and terrible albums. But because one is often the result of the other, the lines get blurred and I get distracted sometimes.

This is honestly the first time I’m hearing about this, so it completely caught me off guard when this story surfaced because I didn’t know that Lamar and Khloe were having marital problems because of his crack cocaine addiction;  let alone the fact that Lamar was even struggling with drug addiction for the past two years!

If anything, I thought his marriage was on the rocks because of cheating, his baby mom maybe, that stupid reality show, the Kardashian’s money obsessed- mom manager Kris Jenner, or Odom’s lack of a good NBA career.


Where the fuck have I been right?

Hopefully, Odom will pop up within a few days  and will be able to work on the issues in his life, whatever they may or may not be, and do what’s best for his family and loved ones, and himself.