I’m going to need Diddy, I mean Puff Daddy, to sit back down and stick to Revolt TV. Thanks.

I respect Diddy… Oh my fault, Puff Daddy, as an entertainer and businessman. He gave us some of the biggest names in Hip Hop with his record label, Bad Boy (Biggie, Lil Kim, Ma$e, etc) and has started a number of successful businesses in clothing/fashion, alcohol (Ciroc), and most recently a media platform for music called, Revolt TV.

He’s even dabbled in acting, doing everything from television remakes of classics like A Raisin in The Sun, to starring in movies alongside actors such as Halle Berry and┬áJonah Hill.

But one thing Puff Daddy will NOT do, I don’t care how many times he changes his name, is RAP!

I’m not a fan of Puff Daddy’s rapping, and for the most part, I don’t know who is a fan.

So you can imagine my pure DISAPPOINTMENT when I saw Puff’s new music video for Big Homie, featuring Rick Ross and French Montana.

(Shout out to all the cameos tho.)

I should have known when the biggest rap stars of the 90’s started announcing comebacks, concerts, and anniversary albums, that Puff was going to pull some shit.

The rest of you can support this “rap” career Puff likes to do when he gets bored of spending his millions or fucking around with Cassie, but I’ll have none of it! NONE. OF. IT!

Call me when he’s about to start another business venture with Mark Wahlberg or somebody.