I love Idris Elba, but he looks scary AF in this movie trailer for “No Good Deed!”

I recently heard about a new thriller movie starring Taraji P. Henson and Idris Elba, and being the huge Elba fan that I am, I quickly went online to check out the movie trailer for it so I could see him in all of his sexy, British glory…

But then I was scared to death instead!

I’ve seen Idris Elba in maybe a handful of movies where he plays the bad guy, but No Good Deed has the Brit playing more than just your average villain.

Elba plays Colin, an “escaped convict” who terrorizes a suburban woman (Tariji P. Henson) and her family. In the trailer you see Elba break into someone’s home, threaten them, and pretend to be a neighbor so that he can make his way into Henson’s home (who finds Elba in her daughter’s room when she can’t locate him or the toddler).

Umm, creepy.

But just in case that wasn’t creepy enough for you, check out the trailer for No Good Deed (due this Fall) and tell me if Elba’s new role doesn’t scare the shit out of you like it did me.

(He’s still sexy though!)