I can’t be mad anymore! Jazmine Sullivan is back from hiatus and is Fittin. To. SLAY!!

When I first heard news years ago, about Philly’s own Jazmine Sullivan, taking a hiatus from music, I was pissed!

Who told that gifted, vocally talented bitch to concentrate on hr life and get herself together after being active in mainstream entertainment after anomaly a few years and two albums.


Well I can stop hating now because Ms. Sullivan is making a comeback and fittin to snatch every wig in R&B this year!

Oh, you didn’t know about the grand return Jazmine Sullivan plans on making to the music industry so she can teach these pop stars how to make Mama Patti proud (cause you know Patti can’t stand those heifers who can’t sing)?

The vocal phenomenon was recently in London for a SOLD OUT SHOW where she not only snatched away everyone’s lace fronts and edges with her powerful singing, but also opened up about her departure form the music industry, her career, and possibly releasing a new album this year!

Bitches Bow DOWN!

Check out Jazmine performing “In Love With Another Man” at her London show below!