How Did Marc Anthony Piss Off MLB Fans??


84th MLB All-Star Game

MLB’s All Star 2013 game took place July 16, 2013 (in case you are unfamiliar that’s Major League Baseball). Marc Anthony managed to somehow piss of some MLB fans that took to twitter to hash out their anger.

Now what did he do that was so bad? Smack a kid? No. Punch a player in the face? No. Spit on an umpire? No. What he did that had the twitter world going crazy was the fact that he performed “God Bless America.”

Why is that so bad? Well according to the many jackasses on twitter, Marc Anthony is not American and shouldn’t be singing any type of Patriotic American songs. Well last time I checked, New York City is in the United States.

Unless somehow on earth they emancipated New York City from the rest of North America, that makes his ass American. That’s where he was born and raised.

This is why I dislike social networks sometimes. Keyboard gangsters and iRacists love to come out and just say whatever they want without thinking. No matter how wrong they are.

I’m not going to repost any of those ignorant tweets because I refuse to feed the animals. The spic bomb was dropped, he was referred to as Mexican (even though he’s Puerto Rican) and some other dumbass statements were made.

Long story short, if you want to be a racist jackass, at least google your facts first.