Hip Hop legend Afrika Bambaataa accused of sexual molestation in new book; Bambaataa denies it!

Rap legend and pioneer, Afrika Bamaataa, has been accused of sexually molesting a boy over 30 years ago in a new self published book titled “Impulse Urges and Fantasies.”

The author, Ronald Savage, who’s now in his 50’s, stated in his memoir that when he was just a teen in the Bronx (and youngest member of the Hip Hop crew, Zulu Nation), Bambaataa (who was in his early twenties at the time) sexually molested him on several different occasions; and it resulted in deep, emotional scars that still effect him today.

Savage made it clear that he doesn’t want any monetary gain from Afrika Bambaataa, but only answers and the truth regarding why the Hip Hop pioneer did those horrible things to him. He also wants the statute of limitations to be extended for victims, because the time it takes to come forward with such information is different for everyone, and make take many years.

“I think the statute of limitations is unfair for victims… It took me all of these years to speak about this. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed.”

Bamabaata has come out and denied the accusations, stating that they “are baseless and are a cowardly attempt to tarnish my reputation and legacy in the Hip Hop at this time… The statements show a reckless disregard for the truth, were published with knowledge of their falsity and are being made by a lesser-known person seeking publicity.”

indexWhile I don’t know for sure if Savage is telling the truth or not, I doubt someone with as much detailed information, evidence (taped phone calls from Zulu Nation members offering money for his silence) and proof that he was a part of the Hip Hop crew in the ’80’s, would risk so much by accusing an individual like Bambaataa of sexual molestation.

However, this isn’t the first time people have lied on others to get attention, money or short lived fame, but I wouldn’t automatically write off Savage’s allegations as lies just because the person he’s accusing of this heinous act happens to be one of Hip Hop’s forefathers either.

There’s always 2 sides to every story, and Ronald Savage is saying this is his.