Hacked Sony email shows Marvel created contract so that Spiderman will ALWAYS be White!


Leave up to that good ol’ Sony hack to spill more tea about Sony Pictures Entertainment!  The bad news is that Sony will never have anything other than a White Spiderman for their movie franchise.

The good news: It’s only Sony who has to do this bitch ass shit (as far as we know, anyway).

It seems the shady entertainment company agreed upon a contract from Marvel to make it mandatory that all Spiderman characters, and Peter Parker characters, be WHITE and STRAIGHT!

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Because clearly having anything but a straight, White hero would fuck up the entire franchise and ruin the believability of the character, right? A character that gets bitten by a radioactive spider and develops superhuman strength and fights crime by climbing walls and shooting webs out of his wrist… Yeah making a fictional super hero gay would totally fuck that up. Making him another race, when half of the time he’s COMPLETELY COVERED anyway… yeah, I could see how that could be a problem.

It seems a bit weird, especially if you’re a comic book fan, because change is frequent with story lines, characters, plot and hell, even universes in comic books; anything is possible, literally, because it’s fictional! These aren’t historical figures we’re dealing with here people… even though Hollywood breaks that rule when the time seems “White” enough, but I digress.

So to make it mandatory that Spiderman will ALWAYS be Caucasian seems petty and racists. The only good news about all of this is that Marvel only made Sony sign the contract for their movies.

Meanwhile a half Black, half Latino character named Miles Morales has just been introduced in the Marvel comics as the new Spiderman…