Guest Post from Mike Pope! “I Got A Story To Tell.”

Screenshot_2014-09-17-04-59-37So nearly 20 years after the Notorious BIG has passed away and the classic song titled I Got A Story To Tell dropped, former NBA & New York Knicks Basketball star John Starks goes on ESPN’s show “Highly Questionable” and confesses that he may knows who the song was about; as if that show is any good anyways. I’m not a fan of the way they dig personally into people’s lives or that Uncle tom’ish skinny nosed dude that co-host the show anyways.

John Starks was always considered the target of the song and since the broadcast of this segment in my mind he’s still the target of such, hell I think the whole shook part at the end of the song might be real now. Starks got on the show and after he answered offer questions openly not only put his name back in the pot but looks more suspicious than ever! Starks claims it’s not him because he’s not 6’5″ uhm that means about as much as a 2 Chainz verse to me. Starks refuses to drop a name but says her knows who it was about. Yeah Johnny it was about you and it’s just like a light skin dude to get on tv and try and remove himself from any form of controversy as of his woman can’t get smashed by a guy like Biggie? Not buying this Mr Starks, Biggie was smashing ya broad out wrote a song about it and now you wanna save face!

Who cares in 2014? If you are or are not the guy it’s about as relevant as a new song by Nelly (I’m waiting, crickets exactly!) and surely by not speaking on who it allegedly is really gets you no street cred and makes you look as vulnerable as Drake after filming scenes for a lifetime movie. So pack your little light skin half truths and stuttering stories up outta here until you’re ready to drop names.


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