Glen Davis throws minor “Bitch-Fit” at hotel because it was fully booked!!

Nothing is less appealing then watching a grown ass man throw a toddler- temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way.

What’s worse than that?

When the grown ass man turns out to be a professional NBA player named Glen Davis.

Granted, being told a hotel is fully booked when it’s late and you’re barely functioning due to a lack of sleep sucks.

That would piss anyone off, including me.

But Davis is too old (and to rich) to be pulling the shit he did at a hotel when he was refused lodging recently. The Orlando Magic player ripped a keyboard from a computer and threw it across the room…

TMZ was able to obtain video footage of the incident.

Yeah, he really did that shit.

Since then, Davis has apologized via his Twitter account, saying:

I guess I can’t be that mad. The 27 year old NBA player did apologize for his immaturity. And even though the cops were called to the hotel, no arrest were made.

Let’s hope Glen has learned his lesson and wont “pull” another act like this any time soon!