Game wants G-Unit reunion?

Umm, okay…. really not sure how I feel about this one.

I mean, for the most part, this sounds like good idea.

It’s not like any of them have much going on these days to begin with.


Did Game forget how he parted ways with Fiddy and G-unit?

The whole thing started back in 2005, before Game even released his debut album, The Documentary.

Fiddy went forward to address Game’s lack of loyalty, citing an incident at a strip club and beef between him, Ja Rule, Jadakiss and Fat Joe. Fif also mentioned lack of credit for writing 6 songs on Game’s debut album (Game denied the accusations) as reasons for the budding feud as well.

After that, their private spat became public and the next thing you know, shots were fired, (literally) and the two were soon giving a press conference stating they have since reconciled.

Pfft, that didn’t last long, because G-Unit and Game went back to feuding with each other soon after. G-Unit claimed Game would be nothing without them and would probably fail on his next album.

Game responded to that by launching his G-Unot campaign (corny, I know) against his label mates and 50 Cent.

Numerous mixtapes from both camps were released (with Game taking shots at everyone from Jay Z, Suge Knight, to G-Unit) and the beef finally ended with Game signing to another label by 2006.

Now here we are, more than five years later, and Game wants to reunite? Mmm-kay!


The west coast rapper has started an online petition and a website, calling for a reunion; as of March 2013, Game has so far been able to lobby together over 13,000 signatures.

There’s not much going on in hip hop right now, so as much as I’m not particularly interested in a G-Unit comeback, I’m not against it either.

None of the former G-unit members have busy schedules at the moment, and the only reasons I could see this not becoming a reality are petty grudges, big egos and of course, 50 Cent.

Fiddy right now is the only one who has the final say on whether or not this will happen, and  right now, I don’t see him in favor of a reunion, and neither does he apparently.

“You’re not gonna get nothing back together… I decide that. I do what I want to do. I don’t give a fuck what they talking about on a blog post.”

To make matters worse, 50 mentioned in another recent interview that IF a reunion were to happen, it would only be with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, “the original G-Unit.”

That means no Buck and no Game….

What do you guys think? Should ALL of G-Unit reunite?

Or should 50 Cent just make a comeback with Tony and Lloyd?

Or do you think Game should shut up about the entire thing before his feelings get hurt?