Frank Ocean releases new MV “Nikes,” new album “Blond” and magazine “Boys Don’t Cry!”

Frank Ocean trolled fans for YEARS by not dropping new music after his acclaimed album, Channel Orange, but now that he’s pulled a Beyonce and unexpectedly dropped a visual album, Ocean has continued to feed his fans with a new music video and his second studio album, Blond (Blonde).

Shortly after the release of his visual album Endless, more music was promised, and Frank Ocean delivered with Nikes; a five minute music video that includes trippy scenes, cameos from rappers Trina and A$AP Rocky, and a shout out to Trayvon Martin.

But wait, there’s more!

Following Nikes, Frank dropped his long awaited album Blond, previously titled Boys Don’t Cry, exclusively through Apple Music (you can download the album here).

In addition to the album, and new music video, Frank also launched pop-up shops in different cities where he gave out free copies of his magazine, Boys Don’t Cry.

And as the cherry on top, Frank posted a short message to his fans on his tumblr, thanking them for their support and reminding him that he has an album to drop!

I had the time of my life making all of this. thank you all. especially those of you who never let me forget I had to finish. which is basically every one of ya’ll. haha. love you.