Fans argue over Drake’s song “Wu-Tang Forever!” Legendary crew set to make remix version of song!

Let’s be honest here, this isn’t the first time Drake has used the name of an artist for a song title, and the song have nothing to do with the artist it’s named after.

So it came as no surprise when, even after listening to the first verse, I realized that Wu Tang Forever had nothing to do the with iconic New York rap crew.

And like fucking clock work, all of Drake’s hard core (I mean pressed) fans came to the rapper’s defense when Hip Hop heads called foul on the use of Wu Tang’s name in the title of Drake’s track.

Many fans argued that Drake was paying homage to the Clan by using the name of their second studio album, Wu Tang Forever, as the title of his singleNot to mention the sampled track, It’s Yourz, from the same album, is used on Drake’s song as the backing (complete with the repetitive chant “It’s Yourz” throughout).

And since we’re already in the process of being honest in this post, let me be the first to say that Drake’s song is in no way homage to Wu Tang Clan… AT ALL.

I doubt Drake even thought about the consequences of using Wu’s name in the title. Especially since the group has nothing to do with the lyrics or the content of the song (save for a quick mention in the first verse). The Canadian rapper probably thought it would be fly to use the name of the album as the title due to the fact that he was already using one of their songs as sample. Nothing more nothing less.

Does it mean the song by itself sucks? To some yes. I didn’t find myself hating the song after the first listen, but I also didn’t fall in love with it either. What probably offended me more about the song was just it’s misleading title.

Even a member of the Wu Tang was mislead by the title. When controversy first hit that Drake released a single called Wu tang Forever, members of the crew didn’t seem phased at all.

Inspetah Deck thought Drake’s song was just showing respect to Deck’s crew by doing a song about the legendary Clan.

Then Deck actually listened to the song and realized that Wu was merely being used as:

1. A mere sample and a quick mention

2. A publicity stunt to make sure that the song would get media coverage whether it was solid or not.

3. Drake using the name because it was just…convenient and seemed cool

I agree with Inspectah Deck on this issue, so pressed fans stay mad!

It’s not so much that Drake’s song is bad; depending on whether you’re a Drake fan, a dick rider, or an unbiased fan of Hip Hop music, your opinions on that matter will probably differ.

However, was it misleading to use Wu’s name in a song having nothing to do with them, yes, because then it becomes clear that the song was not intended to be a tribute, just merely a song.

That still doesn’t mean that the Young Money rapper is not a fan of Wu Tang Clan. I just think Drake is a bigger fan of Drake right now to even care.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes of all this back and forth, there are rumors swirling that the Wu will be featured on a remix version of the song… so there you go. Both sides end up winning in the end anyway.

Check out Drake’s Wu Tang Forever below if you haven;t heard it already!