Eminem goes down memory lane with Rihanna as his Psychiatrist in “The Monster.”

I’m torn with Eminem’s new music video the way I’m torn about the actual song.

I like the dark tone and the personal/professional self reflection Em talks about in his lyrics for The Monster, but I’m having trouble REALLY liking the song due to the over all pop friendly vibe it has.

I actually like the fact that Eminem went in a different direction with the music that’s used for this song. Choosing a pop beat instead of some down tempo rap track shows diversified Em’s catalog of music can be.

Not to mention it guarantees more radio play for the song, which equals more money.

However, that still doesn’t mean that I like the song (not that I hate it either).

The Monster just doesn’t grab me the way Em and Rihanna’s previous collabs have in the past. Remember Love The Way You Lie? That was my shit!

But The Monster… MEH.

The music video, directed by Rich Lee, begins with Em in a room leaning back in a chair, with Riri playing the part of his psychiatrist. She turns on the television facing the rapper, and images of Eminem’s past cut between new shots of him and Rihanna present day, as they sing along with the track.

The most interesting part? When Eminem comes face to face with his “Monster” at the end of the video!

Check it out below and tell me if you were feeling this music video more than me!