Drake complains about being middle class, teen actor!!

Before I give my review of Drake’s new song and video for Started from the Bottom, let me make myself perfectly clear…

I don’t hate Drake or his music.  It’s not necessarily my cup of tea, but overall he’s not a bad rapper.There are a good number of rappers (who debuted before and after Drake) who are considerably worse than him.

My number one problem with Drake (and a few others) is his attempt to come off “harder” than he actually is.

Drake Started From The Bottom GIF

His new song, Started from the Bottom, is the perfect example of this.

Overall, the song is hot. I’m not even going to hold you. Catchy hook, sick beat… that’s really all you need these days to have a decent hip hop song.

No, really. It’s sad but true.

What gets me are the lyrics. They’re relatable, sure, but damned if he doesn’t come off as a whiny teenager!

Complaining about arguments with his mom, returning his Uncle’s car, working minimum wage to make it on his own.

Mutha fucka its called life!

In reality, dude came from a middle class household and was a teen actor who starred in a Canadian television series ( Degrassi: The Next Generation)… that’s not exactly starting from the bottom.

But he’s complaining… about starting from the bottom. Ugh, *rolls eyes*

There are people struggling to make it in the industry with 10 times the talent he has, who may NEVER see the same amount of success.

Let alone the people in the world who really did start from the bottom (homelessness, drug addicts, convicts) who turned their life around and became successful. 

Not even going to mention all the people who have REAL problems in life!

I’m not saying the only way to be a legit rapper is to be “street” or “hood” or come from an extremely poor background.

I believe the opposite- talent is talent; regardless of race, social class, background, etc.

But Drake is taking his life and portraying it to be harder than it actually was.

And for what? So he can appear more “hood” or “street,” or like he came from a poor background? Who knows. All I know is that there are a bunch of “try-hards” and “posers” in the rap game and I am not amused.

As far as a video review goes…it’s your basic hip hop shit: half naked bitches, cars, partying, exotic landscape, slow motion shots, the usual. What more could you want?








Funny white guy was funny though…



Check out the video Started from the Bottom below and let me know what you think.