Donald Trump firing shots…..AT EVERYBODY!!!

This week in all things dumb and stupid, Donald Trump is on a steady path of destruction.  First he had a twitter quarrel with rapper Mac Miller, who ironically has a song titled “Donald Trump.”

Mac Miller did an interview with Complex magazine and fired a few shots at the Donald himself, after being asked what he thought of the man he named a song after.

Donald wasn’t too happy with it and took to firing back on twitter.


Now you think Donald would be done right? WRONG! His next target is comedian Bill Maher. Maher was on Jay Leno and joked he would offer $5 milliion to a charity of Donald’s choice,

if he produced a birth certificate proving he wasn’t the offspring of an orangutan (L-O-effing-L). Watch the clip from the show. Bill Maher on Jay Leno

If you recall, Donald came up with a similar stupid ass offer to the POTUS, Barack Obama. Now, that the tables are turned, Donald is not laughing.

Donald Trump produced his birth certificate and is now suing Bill Maher for the $5 million dollars (dude get a damn life).

He stated during a Fox interview about the Super Bowl, that he was in fact bringing suit against Maher. The Donald on Fox