Diddy pledges $1 million to Howard University’s School of Business!!!

Didddy’s been busier than ever with his Bad Boy Reunion Tour, but the music mogul still made time to give back to the community.

During a stop in Washington, D.C. for his tour, Diddy made a special announcement to his fans at the concert; he’s pledging $1 million to his old alma mater, Howard University, to support the Sean Combs Scholarship Fund for students enrolled at the HBCU’s School of Business.

“I was blessed to receive a great education from Howard University! It helped to fuel my success in business and life. This scholarship will make it possible for the next generation of leaders to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness! When I delivered the commencement address at Howard, I asked the students “Do you know how powerful you are?” I know that Howard students are intelligent, talented, passionate, and their hard work will shape the future. This gift will make sure the whole world knows what they are capable of doing!!”

It’s good to see celebs give back, especially int he name of education!