Did Rich Homie Quan drop a track with lyrics about rape?


Ugh, here we go again!

In what appears to be a “history repeating itself” moment, Rich Homie Quan apparently has a leaked track that contains lyrics about rape.

The track is called I Made It Questionable (no, really… that’s supposed to be the title) and the lyrics describe Quan refusing to accept the word NO from a woman he wants to have sex with.

“I don’t want your ho, just want that cookie from her – she tried to resist so I took it from her. How you gonna tell me no/ you must not know who I am/Even if I’m on the road I see whats goin’ on cause you know I got cameras/ I don’t know no questions but I know the answers/I throw these black fists just like a panther”

I don’t think we need to hear the rest of the song to clarify what Rich was talking about in those bars. The bigger issue now for Quan is what his response will be, because there’s no excuse for this. It’s bad enough rap music (especially mainstream) already has offensive topics associated with it (drugs, murder, robbery, etc), so adding rape to the mix doesn’t make it easier to explain to the masses; or easier to digest.

I’m assuming he’ll either apologize to extreme backlash, or stick to his guns and stand by his lyrics with the excuse it’s just storytelling.

Rick Ross got in trouble for this same issue a while back, and eventually apologized for his bullshit (after losing endorsements and receiving tons of backlash). However, Rick is a bigger rapper than Quan (not just in size), so there’s a chance this issue could blow over before it becomes controversial for the Atlanta rapper.

What do you guys think?