Did Rachel Roy out herself on Instagram as Jay Z’s side chick, “Becky with the good hair?”

Fans have been desperately trying to figure out who “Becky with the good hair” is ever since Beyonce dropped her new visual album, Lemonade.

Beyonce alludes to Jay Z’s infidelity on the track Sorry, where she tells him in one verse that he better call “Becky.” Hours after Bey’s short film Lemonade aired on HBO, Rachel Roy (designer and Damon Dash’s ex-wife) posted the following picture on IG with the caption “Good hair don’t care…”


The Hive went crazy after that post, dragging Roy and her daughter on social media by leaving threatening comments and putting emojis of lemons and bumblebees on her Instagram. Rachel quickly switched her IG account to private once the Hive started to swarm, and went to Twitter to call out the bullying.


Apparently this isn’t the first time Roy has been linked to the mega couple, as she was rumored to be the reason behind the elevator fight between Hov and Solange a few years ago after the Met Gala.

Unfortunately, Rachel Roy wasn’t the only celebrity to feel the wrath of Beyonce’s fan base, as the Hive also went after cook and TV host, Rachel Ray (because of a name mix up) and former ROC Nation artist, Rita Ora, because she posted a selfie of herself wearing a lemon bra and necklace that looked like the letter J.

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Since the release of Lemonade and the dragging from the Hive, Rachel Roy has been keeping low, even going so far as to canceling her scheduled appearance to avoid the Hive. June Ambrose came to the designer’s defense on Twitter though, and said Roy wasn’t the “Becky” Beyonce was referring to in the song.