Did Lil Wayne drop his $51 Million lawsuit against Birdman!?

It seems that after firing all those shots at Birdman and Cash Money, Lil Wayne has decided to drop the $51 Million lawsuit against his Daddy former mentor.

But why?

According to reports, Weezy is holding off on that million dollar lawsuit against Birdman for the time being, dropping the suit “without prejudice.”

Now for those of you like me who are court illiterate, “without prejudice” basically means “the accused in the case can be retried at any time.”

To put it more plainly, that means the lawsuit can be brought back at any time against Birdman, which is what Wayne is doing, because the Young Money MC is moving the suit to another city!

Tunechi is only dropping the suit so he can file it in New Orleans, Louisiana, the city where he’s from.

Now I guess we’ll see if Birdman finally responds to the lawsuit now that Wayne is filing it in New Orleans.