Comedian and actress Leslie Jones, takes break from Twitter after dealing with racist trolls!

There was already a Ghostbuster backlash on social media from fans when it was revealed the new reboot would have an all-female cast, causing diehard fans to criticize the movie on every level, whether they had seen the movie or not. But recently, the hate has been focused mainly  on Leslie Jones, a comedian turned actress who, like the first classic film, is the only Black member on the Ghostbuster team.

The criticism turned personal when trolls started harassing Jones on Twitter with racist post about her and the film, making Leslie first speak out against it, and then take a break from the social media platform altogether.

While I’m not surprised by the hate (if you want to see it first hand, go to Leslie’s Twitter page), it’s surprising that as a celeb, Jones still has to deal with the BS after publicly speaking out against it and calling for stronger guidelines to be put in place on social media. On the other hand Taylor Swift (who’s been going through her own celeb Armageddon right now with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian) has already gotten her camp to stop/delete the BS fans have been leaving on her Instagram page as soon as it started.

Hopefully within the next few days, the Twitter powers that be will help Leslie weed out the trolls on Twitter so she doesn’t have to deal with it (as much).