Ciara gets served legal papers while performing on stage!

I never really got a chance to review Ciara’s new song featuring Nicki Minaj because I do my best to avoid her when I can.

(I know I’m going to drag her ass through a post one day, I just haven’t done it yet.)

But this recent news story just had to be put up ASAP!


Basically because of how random, hilarious, and embarrassing it is. Sorry Cici…

There’s nothing worse than being a struggling pop star (in need of a hit song), then one who gets served a legal notice while performing on stage.


It all went down Saturday night while Ciara was performing on the main stage at the LA Pride Parade.

According to reports, the singer bailed on a performance she was scheduled to do the day before (June 7th) at The Factory, claiming she could not perform due to “restrictions in her contract with the L.A. Pride event.”

At first it seemed that Cici would still make an appearance at the venue, even though she canceled her performance, but the club continued to promote the performance anyway; even after being told that Ciara would not be able to perform (according to her reps).

So Ciara pulled the plug on the entire thing!

No show. No appearance. No “NOTHING.”

In response, the club did what any business would do after being left high and dry by an entertainer…

They sued her ass for breach of contract!

Their ignorant asses delivered the papers directly to Ciara while she performed on stage in front of EVERYBODY!


Check out the video below of the singer being played on stage during her own performance!

Once given the papers, Ciara quickly glanced at them and threw them back to the person who handed them over.
It already was too late. The damaged had been done.
The woman who gave Cici the legal notice returned the papers to stage, and then turned to camera and said:
“She got served.”


That was a bold and COLD move, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do when money is involved I guess.

Cici’s reps responded to the matter through TMZ, stating:

“Ciara’s commitment to perform at L.A. Gay Pride on Saturday night prevented her from making such a Friday night appearance. Despite being notified early last week that Ciara could not appear, the Factory continued to market and promote Ciara’s appearance.

The reason for the continued marketing/promotion is unclear, as it is not known why the Factory would intend to continue to mislead the public, to cause damage to the L.A. Gay Pride festival and to attempt to portray Ciara in a negative light.”


Well, whatever the reason, hopefully Ciara can settle this matter before things REALLY get ugly between the two them!