Chris Brown threatens to leave the Music Industry because he might go to jail?

Aww, poor Chris Brown!

I don’t know if he’s expecting sympathy from people, or if he’s expecting people to actually give  fuck about his announcement to “MAYBE” retire from music after his next album X, but….

First of all, Brown’s excuse for wanting to leave the music industry is as ridiculous as his behavior as of late.

Not one to stray from far controversy, the singer went to Twitter to share his recent thoughts regarding his career:

“Don’t worry mainstream America. After this X album, it’ll probably be my last album.”


“Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when i was 18. I’m cool & over it!”

Mmm-hmm. *rolls eyes*

If this news came out years ago, (when Brown was getting the most hate for beating the shit out of his then girlfriend Rihanna) I might have believed him. But years have passed, and Brown has been in a TON of drama since then; many of which could have been handled better or avoided altogether, but I digress.

Chris could have faded from the spotlight a bit to concentrate more on his career and avoid any bad press; less interviews, less events, perform less, anything! Instead, Brown stayed in the media as if he could actually get away with going Mike Tyson on Rihanna and not receive backlash for it.

Why his management team or PR team didn’t tell him this shit is beyond me!

Or maybe they did tell him and Brown ignored their ass, who knows. What we do know is that he stayed in the spotlight, constantly got into trouble, received tons of bad press for it, and complained about the shit.

So now YEARS LATER, after his latest brush with the law (Brown could face jail time if found guilty of violating his probation) he decides he’s going to fall back from the industry?

NOW he realizes that one likes his ass and the criticism is taking a toll on his music career?

Fuck out of here!

I think this is either a publicity stunt for his upcoming album or Brown realizes he’s in deeper shit because he may go to jail.

The fact that he even went on Twitter to REVEAL the news when he could’ve just DID IT ANYWAY without alerting the media is just…smh.

Chris Brown’s biggest enemy right now is Chris Brown.

If he wants people to focus on the music more, then maybe he needs to drop out of sight for a while and concentrate on just that. Because going on Twitter to talk about his private relationships, posting Instagram pictures of paraphernalia, and getting into bar fights hasn’t really been helping his career so far.

Just saying…