Chris Brown has more legal troubles!!!


Chris Brown just can’t seem to catch a break!!

The 24 year old singer is back in the hot seat, after details came out that he allegedly rear ended another car in Los Angeles, California and fled. Charges were filed for hit and run and driving without a license.

Breezy took to twitter to plead his case that he did not hit and run, but in fact got out and exchanged all the appropriate information with the other driver.

We also know Breezy is already facing a possible probation violation stemming from his felony assault conviction.

Now if this doesn’t help, there is also a woman alleging that Chris Brown assaulted her in a California night club on Saturday. Allegedly she was shoved by Brown which caused her to fall and injure her knee.

The owner is coming to Chris Browns defense saying that he did not touch her.

Poor Chris, he just needs to stay in the house until everybody forgets about him.