Celebs do the “So Gone” challenge!!! #SoGone

Unfortunately, people are still creating online challenges… but thankfully they don’t involve lighting people on fire or plumping lips to dangerous levels just to imitate a rich White girl who got plastic surgery to increase the size of her lips.

The newest online challenge that’s become a trend has people freestyling over Monica’s hit song So Gone. So many social media stars, fans and celebs have already posted videos showing their version of So Gone that even Monica had to do her own!!

The challenge has become such a big viral trend on social media that even other celebs are hopping on the bandwagon!

Having alil fun haha!!! I challenge #TeamWade @kingjames @cp3 @carmeloanthony do this #Sogonechallenge

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#SoGoneChallenge #JamieLeeCurtis #RespectMyVote 😆😭

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