Can Meagan Good pull off playing Whitney Houston??

I’m not sure if Meagan Good has the acting chops to pull off playing the legendary Ms. Whitney Houston in a biopic. That woman had a personality and a music career that was bigger than most fictional characters in soap dramas or the exaggerated ones we see on reality TV.

So playing the role of Ms. Houston would take an actress with true talent and a broad acting range. Meagan Good thinks she is that actress.

Good has a lot of years under her belt as actress; starting out when she was just four years old as an extra and now landing roles in major Hollywood movies. She’s worked with actors such as Steve Harvey, Lynn Whitfield, and¬†Samuel L. Jackson and is currently starring opposite Will Ferrell in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

So there’s no doubt that Good has the experience and resume for the job, but does she have what it takes to talent wise to carry a story as strong as Whitney Houston? Would she really do it justice?

The actress believes so. In fact, a biopic about the late singer may have already been in the works, with Good as the starring role. And this isn’t the first time Meagan has voiced her desire to play Whitney Houston; she’s mentioned it in magazine interviews and talk shows¬†before.

Still, at the end of the day, I’m not sure if Meagan Good has what it takes to pull off a role as big as playing the iconic Whitney Houston. She’s a great actress but in my opinion, playing another person for a role seems more difficult than playing a fictional character. There aren’t many actors who I can name off the top of my head who I can honestly say did an amazing job in a biopic.

Many of them who I can name are considered some of the greats in Hollywood; Denzel, Streep, Penn. Does Meagan have what it takes to be one of the greats or should a role like that go to someone else?