“Blurred Lines” executives and Marvin Gaye’s family finally settle!

Blurred Lines had to be one of the most popular and successful songs of 2013.

And one of the most controversial songs of last year as well, due to an ongoing legal battle between Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke’s camp and the Marvin Gaye family. However, it looks like the long fight may be over now that both sides have finally settled.

News recently surfaced that the music executives behind 2013’s big monster hit, Blurred Lines, have finally settled with Marvin Gaye’s family, who cried plagiarism between Thicke’s song and their father’s song, Got To Give It Up.

“The new agreement means that Sony/ATV executives will not be part of a potential trial between Gaye’s family and Thicke, who struck the first blow in the six-month-long legal battle when he sued Gaye’s kids to protect “Blurred Lines” from a potential plagiarism suit.”

Is this new agreement really going to protect Thicke and company from getting sued by Gaye’s family, not really. This just means that the “higher-ups” behind Blurred Lines won’t get involved any more if the Gaye family should continue with legal action.

Which basically sounds like they’re getting out of the way just in case some shit goes down.

I’m curious to see where this goes and what the Gaye family are after with this lawsuit. Apparently, Thicke already offered the family a large  sum of money hoping to reach a early settlement and avoid court battle, but that turned it down.

Do you guys think they’re holding out for more money?