Birdman is Forbe’s 5th richest in Hip Hop, but he can’t afford to pay his artist tho…

birdmanIt’s not like we didn’t already know Birdman was rich as shit, but it’s been discovered by Forbes that the music mogul is one of the top five richest artists in 2015.

Yet he’s still getting sued for not paying his artists! I guess now we know why he’s so rich!

Forbes released their annual “The Forbes Five: Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artists” list, and the Cash Money CEO came in 5th place with $150 million , behind Diddy ($735 million), Dr. Dre ($700 million), Jay Z ($550 million), and 50 Cent ($155 million). 

It’s not surprising to hear that Birdman (Bryan Williams) has acquired up to $150 million over the span of his career, thanks to his label Cash Money and artists like Lil Wayne. But you would think that Birdman would easily pay his artists (and on time) with that kind of money in his bank.

I guess Weezy’s departure from Cash Money and the lawsuit against his “Daddy” says otherwise!