Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” gets the remix treatment, but which one is better?

Out of all the songs from Beyonce’s fifth self-titled studio album, her track Drunk In Love has spawned more remixes, freestyles and covers than any other official single.

Even Beyonce has to be face palming at this point from all of the new Drunk In Love remixes being made.

But which ones are good and actually worth the listen? Check them out below and let me know which ones you think are dope.

First up is the most recent of the remixes, and probably the most official one, featuring Kanye West. (I can do without the sexual descriptions he’s talking about in his lyrics about Kim Kardashian though.)

Next we have The Weeknd and his high ass falsetto voice and his version of being Drunk In Love. I actually liked this song until the second verse came in and he started ranting about fucking skinny models, music, drugs and haters. Then I was just like, “This is like hearing a regular ‘The Weeknd song'” and got turned off.

Producer and DJ extraordinaire Diplo, even created his own take on the track, adding in the usual drops and build ups expected from most EDM songs.

Another DJ by the name of Tedsmooth gave the track an A$AP Ferg makeover by combining the music from Work with the singing and rap from the original D.I.L. song.

I really fucks with T.I.’s Drunk In Love trap remix done by DJ MLK! Everything from his rap intro to the song to the music in the background that replaces the original instrumental.

Last but not least, Philly’s own Cassidy added his name to the pile of artists doing their own D.I.L. remix, and named it Surfboard.