Best Tweets of the Week: Twerking, T.I., Aaliyah and more!!!

This is the second official Best Tweets of the Week post.

Yes, I’m late with the shit, and yes I don’t care! I really didn’t see a lot of tweets that I wanted to post so I held off for a while. But after a while I just gave up and figured I’d post the little bit I liked anyway.

Check out the tweets below to see if your tweet made the list for:


I believe this tweet from rapper T.I. came around the same time Gucci Mane started go crazy on Twitter. This tweet (aside from the GM controversy) basically describes how I feel these days about artists and the stunts they pull just to get noticed in the media. As opposed to just getting better at their craft and getting noticed for being talented.

Artists wanting to be recognized for their talent…

This tweet got posted because it’s funny as shit… and probably true.

I had to put this shit up; not necessarily because I think Aaliyah would be the baddest in the industry right now if she were still alive, but because I just miss her as a fan, period. #RIP

Decent quote from one of my favorite 90’s songs by the band Semisonic.

As much as I hate to admit this, Black Skin Head (or BLKKK SKKKN HEAD) is one of the few songs I can tolerate (and like) from Yeezus. I will never publicly admit that shit again.

Miley, this shit applies to you and your “non-twerking- but stay twerking” ass too.  

Now that this word has been added to the Oxford Dictionary, you can now officially add the word twerking to the list of other slang words/terms that have been ruined by mainstream media, along with but not limited to:

1. Bling

2. Crib

3. Holla

I’m guessing “Trill”, and “Turnt Up” will be next at some point, if they haven’t been ruined already.

This tweet is so true it should have been at the top, but I figured I would save it for last because of the awesome point it makes.

Too often I come across people (young and old) who have aspirations to be a rapper, just based off of the notion that rappers make a lot of money. Their desire to be a rap artist usually has nothing to do with enjoying the craft or making good music, but rather the riches that will come after finally getting signed to a label and what not.

Little do these people know that the average rapper DOES NOT make that a lot money; not enough to be considered a full time job anyway. #SideHustle

For example, let’s say the average rapper, once he’s been SIGNED to a label, sells 500,000 copies of their album, which cost roughly $15.00 (I’m being extremely nice with these numbers considering this is supposed to be an average rapper who just got signed), the total amount grossed from album sales is over 7 million.

Which sounds like a lot until you take out all of the label fees that were included in the rapper’s contract. After all the money is taken out for studio time, PR fees, marketing fees, manager fees, accountants, lawyers, assistants, entourage, and etc, the rapper isn’t left with much.

Remember, I was being nice with the above figures…really nice. So unless each rapper plans on going from start up to Jay Z level success within a year, they’re not making a lot of “guap” from rapping.

Don’t let the opulent lyrics, attire, rented cars and accessories fool you. Most of these rappers are barely getting by with their album sales, and these are the ones that are actually signed.

So make sure you have a solid plan A, B, and C if going into music is your dream; and a back up plan for each of those letter plans too!