“Bad Boys” release date pushed back to 2018, and new movie title “Bad Boys For Life.”

In what can either be considered potentially good news or bad news for the fans, a new release date and movie title has been given for the next Bad Boys movie!

Reports say the franchise’s third film, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, will be released in 2018, 15 years after the sequel came out in 2003. The original release date (February 2017) was changed to another date before the powers that be settled on 2018.

The movie will also get a new name, so instead of the usual, mediocre Bad Boys 3 title, the movie will be called Bad Boys For Life; a nod to a line from the last movie and a song by Diddy, who is the founder of Bad Boy Records.

Are you guys excited to see another Bad Boys film or do you think this will fall through before the end of 2017?