Azealia Banks is not here for Rihanna’s “Work” music video with Drake!

Oh the shade!

Banks went on Twitter to share her opinion about Work, Rihanna’s latest music video with Drake, and she was not impressed. She summed up the entire video in just one tweet:

IMG_4941After deleting her tweet, the Harlem MC then went on to shade the music industry and its lack of real “artists.”

As much as I live for Azealia’s music, like Kanye, it’s her rants on social media that turn me off. But even a broken clock can be right twice a day, right?

Navy stans may not want to admit it, but when an artist is at Rihanna’s level of fame fans tend to expect more from them in regards to music. This music video would have been good for the average singer just making her way into the industry who needed a cute MV to go along with her average song.

But for a seasoned artist like Rihanna, who’s already struggling with her upcoming tour and has struggled in the past with her this recent studio album #Anti, this MV should have been more lit!

What about you? Are you feeling this new song and music video from Rihanna for Work, or were you unimpressed like Azealia?