Azealia Banks fired vulgar shots at Sarah Palin, now the former Governor plans to sue!

Azealia Banks JUST returned to Twitter after her hiatus to drop her new mixtape Slay-Z and she’s already being threatened with a lawsuit from former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin!

What the FUCK!

Banks threw shots at Palin after coming across a satirical article that said the former governor made the comment that Blacks willingly accepted slavery. The rapper, who I’m guessing didn’t know the article was fake, fired vulgar shots on Twitter, suggesting the politician be raped by a bunch of Black men to straighten her out!

banks1 banks2 banks3Palin, who I was surprised even acknowledged Banks Twitter BS, fired back at the rapper on Facebook for talking shit.

The former Governor then made it clear she was out for blood, and said she would sue Banks even though the rapper issued an official apology on her tumblr page (which is now deleted).

Now we have to wait and see if Palin follows through with the lawsuit.