Azealia Banks arrested for assault and biting female security guard’s breast!

It looks like Azealia Banks’ problematic ways has finally gotten her ass in trouble. The Harlem rapper was recently arrested for assaulting a female security guard.

club3According to reports, Banks was thrown out of a private party at club Up & Down after getting into a heated exchange with the bouncers at the venue around 12:00 in the morning. Witnesses say the reason behind the initial argument was because Azealia (24) showed up with an invited guest to the party, and the function was invite only (Banks had no invite). The club owner was going to let Banks slide and attend the party anyway, but once Banks was inside she started acting a mess again.

She proceeded to cause a scene and scream at two bouncers (one male and one female) who were instructed to escort her uninvited ass out. Banks spit on the female security guard and bit her chest, almost ripping the bouncer’s shirt in the process.

Azealia was arrested outside of the club and taken to the Sixth Precinct where she was held on misdemeanor, third degree assault charges; she was released later that day.

Azealia Banks leaving Manhattan Criminal Court.