Artists like Jay Z, Miguel, Chris Brown and Swizz Beatz drop new music inspired by Black Lives Matter and police violence.

In light of the horrible events that happened in this country regarding police violence against Blacks and minorities in America, artists have started dropping music inspired by these tragedies.

Many celebs have already posted tweets, videos, memes, and hashtags honoring the victims of police shootings, but now some of them are turning to music to voice their frustration and concern over the matter even more.

Jay Z released a new song on TIDAL called Spiritual, along with a brief message about how disappointed he is right now with THIS America.

Swizz Beatz and rapper Scarface teamed up for their own track called Sad News in honor of the recent tragic events.

Chris Brown, who’s also been posting videos on IG speaking out against police violence, also dropped new music in honor of police brutality victims called My Friend and A Lot of Love.

Miguel posted new music as well, with a track called How Many.


More music will be added when it drops!